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BMW X5 Audio Makes For a Great Commute


Like many on the road today, you may find that you spend between one and two hours a day on the road commuting to and from work. If you are the proud owner of a BMW x5, however, that time on the road can be pleasantly spent listening to great music or books on tape through your BMW x5 audio ...

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BMW 5 Series Stereos Make Your Music Come to Life


It is truly wonderful to experience your favorite music while you drive your BMW 5 series vehicle down the highway. Roadtrips, whether to the corner grocery for a gallon of milk or across the country to reach a vacation destination, are much more pleasant when you can enjoy your favorite music at the same time. There are many custom aftermarket ...

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XM Satellite Vs Sirius – Electronic Clones?


It took approximately 18 months longer than anticipated to bring satellite radio to the general public. That’s not so bad, actually, considering the complexity of the technology involved. The latest contribution to consumer entertainment has generated significant attention, and as XM and Sirius become more readily available and agreeable to consumers, chances are good they will have a healthy future. ...

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Auto Sound Systems Latest Technology – Not the Greatest?


Music is a darling the world over, if not just a frequent companion in our daily lives. It accompanies us to the beach, to the workplace, on our numerous bike rides or phone conversations. Isn’t it of good judgment that we fancy to equip our SUVs, Sedans, or whatever you drive, with possibly the best auto sound systems you can ...

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Auto Audio System – Expenditure Limits On Technology


Ours is a world where technology has become a necessary and regular companion. We take it with us to the beach, we find it at the work place, in the gymnasium, and even our leisure and communication needs are dominated by it. It only makes sense that in our cars we would like to have the best technologically possible auto ...

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Auto Sound System Amplifier – Tips To Pick Your Best


Setting about to find the best Amplifier for your sound system could be a whole lot simpler if you just dedicate sometime before hand to learn what is best for you and will perform best with your type of car, truck or SUV’s audio system. It’s worthwhile to learn about the functions of an Amplifier for you to make an ...

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Auto Audio Systems As Entertainment System? – Is It Worth It?


We all like shopping, and window shopping in particular is even more fun. But what if you have been doing some real shopping, for example, shopping for an Auto Sound System. It’s most likely that you’ve come across a myriad of Auto Audio Systems and Entertainment Systems and many more while treating yourself to a shopping spree. Auto Audio System ...

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Auto Sound System With DVD – The Ultimate Visual Effect!


Whether you are in the market for your first auto sound system, or are looking for the next upgrade to your already great one, you should consider getting a head unit with integrated DVD playback. These come in a few different varieties to fit different budgets and desires. Read on to find out more about these bits of ultra-cool tech. ...

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iPod With Your Auto Sound System? – Get To Know The Cool Stuff!


Apple Computer, maker of the iPod, has a cultural phenomenon on their hands. The iPod is the single most popular personal music listening device on the market today. Its ability to store large amounts of music, coupled with its tiny size and ease of use, has made it a hit across all age groups. Not even PC giant Microsoft’s competing ...

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Auto Sound Systems, Speakers, And You – The Holistic Approach


When building or upgrading an auto sound system, the first thing most people look into are the speakers. While speakers do play a very large role in the overall sound of your system, there are many other things that must be taken into consideration if you are going to avoid “over-speakering”. It’s not necessary with modern technology and enclosures to ...

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