Finding the Right Car Insurance Coverage

Buying car insurance is important for every vehicle owner, and locating the right insurer often involves more than just looking at the lowest price.

Purchasing insurance is something every automobile owner needs to do after buying their car. When shopping for car insurance, it’s good to compare the rates of several different insurers to look for the lowest one. However, while finding the lowest rate is important, there are other factors to consider in getting the right insurance policy.

In today’s internet age, finding car insurance is not difficult. A simple search will bring up several results, and the shopper can then request a rate quote from each website that comes up. This is generally the first step in the insurance selection process. After each insurer returns their rate, the shopper has a list of insurance companies and the cost of their premiums. This is a good starting point, but it should not be the end of the selection process.

After obtaining auto insurance rates from several insurers, there are other questions that should be asked to narrow down the choices and arrive at the one that’s best for the consumer. The first thing to look at is what level of service is offered. Many drivers don’t think about this while comparing rates, but if/when an accident or emergency may occur, the driver may be quite thankful to have a localized agent available to go through everything that happened and make sure all the paperwork is filed correctly and the claim is processed smoothly.

A local agent can also be very helpful when it comes time to make changes on a policy and/or add additional lines of insurance. The agent can sit down with a customer face to face and discuss all their needs and help them come up with the coverage that best suits their individual situation. This would be difficult to achieve with a company that just has a toll free call center, because the customer would likely talk to a different person each time they call in, thus having to re-tell their situation every time.

Financial stability ratings are another factor that is worth looking at in selecting an insurance company. In the past, people did not worry much about an insurer going out of business, but in today’s economically unstable world, this type of occurrence is more of a possibility than at any time in the recent past. It’s best to look for a company that has a good financial rating and a well-established brand that is trusted by the general public.

These days, more and more young people are staying with their parents for a longer period of time after high school. This creates a dilemma for many families when it comes to car insurance. On the one hand, they may have the two parents with long histories of clean and safe driving wanting a policy that will reward them for their good driving habits. On the other hand, they may have one or more teenagers or adults in their early 20s that are considered higher risks either because of the demographic they fall into or because they have some blemishes on their driving records.

There are some leading insurers that offer very competitive rates for safe drivers, but very high premiums or no coverage at all for high risk drivers. There are other insurers that can insure a higher risk driver competitively, but they offer little or no reward for a safe driver. For many families with young adults living at home, the trick is to find an insurance company that offers the flexibility in their policies to do both.

In the end, finding the right car insurance policy comes down to a blend of all these factors. Of course, premium price is usually the primary consideration. But it’s important to make sure not to sacrifice the value of a localized agent and the peace of mind of dealing with a company that is well known and has been around a while. And for families that really need the policy flexibility to cover both high risk and low risk drivers at competitive rates, a company that caters to those needs while meeting all the other criteria might be one worthy of greatest consideration.

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