Reasons of Car Accidents and Information on Collision Avoidance Systems

Car accident blogs provide information on road traffic accidents, reasons for such accidents and countermeasures to be taken for avoiding such mishaps. Useful information on saving lives of such persons involved in accidents is also discussed in these sites. In this article, we will discuss the information that a car accident blog provides and the reasons for such accidents, driver errors and collision avoidance systems for car crashes.

In U. S. , the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that nearly 43,000 people are killed each year due to car accidents. It means 115 deaths every day, or 1 accident victim dying each minute. Around 40% of these deaths happened due to drunken driving.

The NHTSA also reports that car accidents in the U. S cost each American $ 1,051 each year and $ 164.2 billion each year in total.

Car accident blogs provide reasons for car accidents:

• Drunken Driving

There is scientific consensus that alcohol causes deterioration of driving skills. DWI or driving while intoxicated has traditionally been responsible for the highest death rates in the U. S. and has been indicated in the NHTSA report.

• Bad Weather

Unpredictable changes in the weather such as heavy snowfall and rains make it unsafe for car driving. Loss of visibility impairs the driver severely in such scenarios. Probability of car accidents in bad weather tends to be very high. Statistics from car accident blog suggest that the probability of an accident during deterrent weather conditions is very high.

• Rubbernecking

Car accident blogs also report rubbernecking as another major reason for car accidents. Rubbernecking is the act of looking something else when you drive. Taking eyes off the road, causes loss of control and results in accidents. Auto experts opine that turning your head for more than a fraction of a second will result in fatalities.

• Reckless Driving

Car accident blogs often report reckless driving as another reason for car accidents. Driving at uncontrolled speeds, changing lanes too frequently and over looking traffic signals will lead to car accidents.

Some of the methods to overcome car accidents are listed below:

• Avoid The Fast Lane: Driving on the right lane gives more opportunity to avert accidents, as the driver can change lanes and avert a mishap. Driving on the left lane, considered as the fast lane will result in more accidents. Most of the car accidents happen on the left lane.

• Know Your Car’s Limit: Being familiar with the car’s brakes and tires reduces the probability of a car accident. Knowing how your car will react to a particular situation is very important. This gives more control to the driver and reduces accidents.

• Collision Avoidance Mechanism: Modern cars are in built with collision control systems, which warn the car in case of an unseen stationary object or another car. These systems sound an alarm or activate the brakes in case of an imminent collision.

Car crashes are leading cause of deaths in U. S, after heart attack, diabetes, stroke and Alzheimer disease. Car accident blogs play a vital role in giving vital statistics, reasons and preventive measures for car accidents. Some of the modern preventive measures such as collision avoidance systems can be used to identify blind spots and avoid accidents.

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